WHISKY LIVE: Australia’s foremost whisky and fine spirits tasting event.

Whisky Live is the perfect gift for yourself, someone getting into or already loving whisky.

Purchase your ticket for the city of your choice, with no booking fee. Your tickets will be emailed to you to print at home.


Questions & Answers

1. I have a question not listed here…

Tel 02 8338 0032 or send us an email from the contact page.

2. How long are the Masterclass sessions?

Classes during Whisky Live are usually 10-15 mins long.

3. How long is a Whisky Expo session?

The Whisky Tasting Expo duration is 3 hours.
It’s best to arrive close to starting time to get maximum time to taste and talk to the experts.

4. Can I sit next to a friend at a Seminar or Dinner?

Yes. Usually the seating is not reserved, so you can sit where you wish.

5. Is there a dress code?

Wear smart casual clothes – better than jeans. Some people dress up – it’s not a backyard barbeque.
You can do better than t-shirt and jeans.

6. Do I need to bring anything?

Not really. There will be food and water available during the tasting session. We will supply you with a quality glass for your tastings, a Tasting Guide and pen to make notes and mark your favourites, and a shoulder bag to hold everything and leave your hands free.

7. How does it work – what should I expect at Whisky Live?

Whiskies and spirits are arranged by brand name and set up at stands, exhibition style. You are free to wander around at your own pace and visit the stands that interest you. The presenter at each stand will tell you about their product, the story behind them and the flavour profile. You can ask questions and taste samples while listening. Between tastings have a bit of food and drink of water to refresh your palate.

8. Does it cost extra for the tastings? How many can I taste? Can I taste them all?

Your ticket price includes tastings of all the brands represented at stands at the event. There are too many whiskies and spirits to taste them all without likely becoming intoxicated, so make a plan to taste the brands that interest you the most – maybe the ones that are new to you or new expressions of some of the brands you already know. Only the whiskies at the Rare & Old Bar are an additional cost.

9. Can I cancel the ticket I have already purchased?

No sorry. But you may transfer the ticket to another session time if it is available or give/sell the ticket to another person as tickets are transferable.

10. What methods can I use to pay for my tickets?

You can use Visacard, Mastercard or American Express cards. If you don’t have a Credit Card you can email or phone us to arrange to send us money by post or direct bank deposit if there is sufficient time. Email us or phone us for details on 02 8338 0032.

11. What if I lose my ticket?

Tickets are delivered by email and may be reprinted or shown on your mobile device.
If you lose your ticket, you can reprint it from the file attached to the email sent to you on the day you purchased it.

If you can’t find that email we can look up your ticket when you get to the event, but it will be listed under the name that was entered when it was purchased, so if someone else bought the ticket for you, find out if they have your name or their name on the ticket to speed up the search.

Please read the Whisky Live Policies about refunds and changes to tickets.

12. Can I purchase a ticket at the door on the day?

Yes it may be possible, but only if the session is not sold out.
It is advised that you pre-purchase your tickets online to ensure admission.
For all Whisky Live events, there are a limited number of tickets allocated. Should a session that you arrive at be full, you will not be able to get in.
You should check if tickets are available before travelling to the event without a pre-purchased ticket.
Whisky Live can not be responsible for travel costs or inconvenience should you arrive at a session without a ticket and are not permitted to attend because the session is fully booked.

13. I don’t have a credit card. Can I send you payment?

Yes. On the contact page is our postal address. Post a payment with a letter advising the city and session you would like, plus your phone and email address. The ticket will be emailed back or posted if you don’t have an email address.

14. How long has Whisky Live been going?

In Australia, Whisky Live started in Sydney in 2009. We expanded in 2012 by adding Melbourne and Perth, then in 2013 it added Canberra and Brisbane. In 2014 we added Adelaide. In 2017 we included some spirits other than whisky in a couple or cities and this success led us to introduce them to all events in 2018. So every year, during the cooler months, we hold Whisky Live in 6 cities across Australia. Jump on our email list and we will advise updates. Select your city and click the link at the bottom of the city page to enter your details.

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