WHISKY LIVE is Adelaide’s whisky and spirits sampling event of the year. Come along to enjoy a great line up of whiskies, plus vodkas, gins, rums and cognac, all under one roof.

  • Get to know a vast array of top-shelf whiskies and spirits from distilleries across the world.
  • Graze on an assortment of gourmet food while tasting, all included.
  • Surround yourself with people who share your passion for whisky and spirits.
  • Cultivate your whisky and fine spirits knowledge with expert instruction.
  • Sample a great range of whiskies, along with vodka, gin, rum and cognac.

Whisky Live is an event for adults 18 and older.

WHISKY LIVE and FINE SPIRITS showcases a large selection of high-quality whiskies and spirits, all open for sampling. This event will suit the whisky lover as well as the gin, vodka, rum or other spirit lover. The event presents whiskies and spirits by brand, with an expert there to inform and educate, and let you taste. A quality spirits glass is supplied to keep, plus a tasting guide listing everything on tasting, is supplied at the event and available digitally one week before to preview. You can pre-plan the order you would like to taste.

So, if you like good quality whisky, gin, rum or vodka, Whisky Live and Fine Spirits is the place to discover them all. If you know someone who likes whisky, and you prefer gin, you should both come along as there will be lots for both of you to experience. Plus of course, there will be a selection of food to graze on while tasting. And at the end if you really like what you taste, you can purchase a bottle to take home.
Whisky Live and Fine Spirits has everything for a very enjoyable time.

Rare & Old Bar – This bar has a fine selection of rare and old whiskies, often unaffordable or difficult to find. Here a 15ml sample may be purchased, allowing you to taste such whiskies at an affordable price. Sample a whisky from a closed distillery or a limited release from long ago. There’s a good range of whiskies with prices ranging from $22 per 15ml serve.
Rare & Old Bar Gift Voucher: For the whisky lover who has a ticket to Whisky Live, a Rare & Old Bar Gift Voucher is perfect. Purchase the voucher for an amount to suit you and it can be redeemed like cash for the cost of any whisky from the Rare and Old Whisky Bar at Whisky Live. Add your desired amount to the voucher and we’ll post it to you in an attractive folder ready to give. Add a ticket and it will be a great gift. Click here for the Gift Voucher page.

Important Note Liquor laws state any intoxicated person must be removed from the event, so please don’t become intoxicated. Whisky is a relatively high-alcohol drink and intoxication can happen if consumption is not self monitored.

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